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This data deposit application enables you to deposit digital data with the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC). NGDC provides professional, long term management of geoscience data. It is recommended that you review the NGDC Policies and Best Practice guidance before you begin this process.

How to use the NGDC Data Deposit Application

This process can be completed in more than one session, using the 'Save for Later' option. When packaging up your data to deposit it with the NGDC, you should consider the following:

File size/quantity recommendations

The recommended number of files we advise you to upload through this application is 20 files per session. We advise that the maximum single file size limit is 1GB.

Please note that folders or folder structures containing files cannot be uploaded unless they are compressed into a single zip file. Where possible, AGS files should be deposited unzipped to facilitate automatic validation. If your file structure requires your deposit to be zipped and it includes AGS files, please state this in the 'Description of contents' field. If you experience any difficulties using this application or need to deposit a greater number of files or larger sized files, please contact

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Search for deposited data

To find data you have deposited, please use either the dedicated NGDC search for Deposited Data or the Deposited Data layers on the GeoIndex. Deposited data will be available after it has been processed.